Trail Running 101, part 2


Welcome to part two of my Trail Running 101 series! In part one you learned trail etiquette (don’t be a jerk!) and all the fun gear you get to buy (more sneakers, yay!). Now that you are outfitted like a seasoned trail runner, I’ll tell you how to find your way around and avoid being a snack for a mountain lion. Read on! Continue reading

Trail Running 101, part 1


Trail running: it’s just like road running but on dirt, right?

I wish it were that simple. The trails are a different beast. When you are dealing with nature there’s a lot more that can go wrong.┬áBut, in my opinion, you get so much more in return from the trails versus roads. I’m here to give you a primer on how to survive (and thrive!) without getting run over by a mountain biker or eaten by a snake.┬áThis is part one of a series I’ll be writing in collaboration with my MoveWith Trail Running 101 class. Let us start with how to behave on the trails… Continue reading