Pro Tip in Pictures: Stinging Nettles

If you’ve done any running in the Headlands, you’ve probably been stung by a nettle or thistle plant.

Don't touch

Don’t touch. Stabby leaves.

The stings appear as raised welts, hurt like a mother effer and last for hours. Sweating into the sting only makes it worse. Literally salt in the wound.

nettle sting

A recent attack

nettle sting 2

My wise mother informed me that to cure a nettle or thistle sting, find a Dock leaf plant nearby and rub the crushed up leaf on the area. Presto change-o, sting all gone!


2 thoughts on “Pro Tip in Pictures: Stinging Nettles

  1. You. Found dock leaves? I said you’d find Them near nettles. Did it work for you? Natures own cure!

    Love you Your wise old Mum

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