Boston training update #3: taper madness

passportWelp, here we are. The Boston Marathon is one week away. I’ve made it through a week of tapering, and my body has let out a huge sigh of relief. I peaked at 76 miles/week with everything mostly in tact. There were a few huge, confidence-building workouts that I will look back on the night before the race, including a 16 mile long run with the last 8 at goal marathon pace. If I can feel that good on race day, all will be right.

Taper Tantrums are something I deal with every time I significantly reduce volume. You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but it still gets me every time. Here are a few examples of the self-induced insanity I’m facing. I’m not sleeping as well since I’m not running as much. And when I do sleep I’m having weird race-related anxiety dreams where I lose my phone and have to trudge through a swamp and get upset about not knowing my step count (yeah, I don’t understand either). I’m having wild, inappropriate appetite swings where I feel like my stomach is about to implode because I’m so hungry, but then I’m full after half of a normal-sized meal. The emotional roller coaster is a trip as well. I almost burst into tears after watching Shalane’s post-race interview from last year. (“I just wish I were better.” SOB)

The good news is I know this will all disappear the moment I arrive in Boston. I’ll be so distracted with family and friends and buying ALL the Boston gear that I won’t have time to think about how nervous I am. And then race morning, I’m in my zen place. I have my routine and my lucky sports bra and my pre-race playlist. I will be surrounded by people just as excited as I am. And then the reward for months of hard work: 26.2 miles of people cheering for me, little ol’ me! My victory lap. And hopefully along the way I’ll run a kick ass time. Either way, I feel beyond lucky to be able to experience this special race, surrounded by the best support team a girl could ask for.


I am a planner and list maker, typical Type A runner, so below is a peak at my packing list for Boston.

  • Impala blueThe Christmas presents I never mailed to my family and friends: procrastinator extraordinaire!
  • Impala blue: repping my team on the other side of the country. Also cuts down significantly on race outfit decisions.
  • Silver nail polish: I paint my toenails silver before every race. I have no good explanation why.
  • Fuel: Cadbury eggs for carb-loading. Watermelon GU for the race.
  • Multiple pairs of sneakers and socks: A girls gotta have options!
  • Crusty old Red Sox hat: another good luck charm.
  • Party shades: just because.

2 thoughts on “Boston training update #3: taper madness

    • I can’t remember when I started painting my toes silver, but I do remember I did well in that race so the tradition has stuck. If it worked once… And I’m sure I could be making better carb loading choices than sugar eggs, but whatevs. I’ve earned it.

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